Letters (Feb. 4, 2009)

Renewed prosperity requires submission


I understand that during his first week in office, President Obama has freed up federal funding for organizations that promote and/or provide abortion services worldwide. This means that our tax dollars are being used to kill unborn children around the world.

Given the economic situation our country finds itself in, I find this action rather revealing. Apparently promoting a pro-abortion ideology is more important than using that money to ease our financial woes.

Our new president says he wants to bring renewed prosperity to America, but success will be elusive if we defy biblical morality.

Proverbs 14:34 says: ?Righteousness exalts a nation, but sin is a reproach to any people.? All the bailout and stimulus packages we can imagine will not help us in the long run if we do not surrender to the laws of our Creator.

Darryl Busenitz,



Allocate stimulus funds bottom-up


To USA, all states, all counties and all cities: Please insist that stimulus funds first go directly to counties and cities to repair and remodel school buildings, useful but condemned buildings, small bridges and small projects by local contractors that hire local labor.

Restart the Community Development Block grants. Bring older houses up to code, plus other programs that bring immediate results and revenue. Fix up or clean up the town.

For rural areas, repair unsightly, if usable, buildings. Clean up falling down trees, buildings and junk yards.

With sales tax, the stimulus funds will be back in state coffers before the planning and engineering are complete on major projects. Put every dollar directly in the first hand that is going to spend it.

Have doubts? Ask Oklahoma about its jobs program of 15 years ago when its unemployment was high. Copy success. Forget the trickle-down method that only tinkles on us.

How much of this benefits each community will depend on the imagination and genius of your leaders, but get that stimulus dollar to that first hand now.

Trickle-down economy is the very reason we are in trouble. Yes, it created many billionaires and millions of millionaires and eliminated much of the middle class that shoulders the tax burden, and it locked many more millions into situations that will never allow them to enjoy paying taxes?the same position we were at in the late 1980s.

It matters not what you wish to construct, rebuild or repair. It must be done from the bottom up, including the economy. We did not cure the Great Depres?sion by giving money to DuPonts, Rockefellers, et al. The reason we failed in Iraq was giving the money to Haliburton. Please copy success, not failure.

A note to the state of Kansas: How about kicking in at least half of $100-plus millions spent on KDED every year, which has netted us minimum returns. Use the dollars and KDED personnel to administer the stimulus programs.

Short of help? Borrow some from the tourism department. I am sure they will need something to justify their existence during the oncoming depression.

A note to the city of Herington: Use the stimulus funds to reinforce and gussy up your community and school buildings this year instead of starting Taj Mahals to be built by out-of-state contractors with other than local labor in the next decade.

L. Kitchenmaster

Lost Springs

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