Letters (Feb. 19, 2014)

Shifting the debate on homosexuality

It seems the proponents of homosexuality are busy shifting the focus of the debate. No longer is the debate on whether homosexuality is wrong or right, but instead they seek to shift the debate to whether discrimination against homosexuals is wrong or right.

This was again evident in the pre-Olympic interview Bob Costas had with Presi?dent Obama. When asked why he was sending openly gay athletes as part of the delegation, the president answered, ?We wanted to make it very clear that we do not abide by discrimination in anything? That I think is consistent with the spirit of the Olympics. It is certainly consistent with American values.?

Evidently the president wants us to believe that to be against discrimination means we have to be pro-homosexual, and conversely that to be against homosexuality automatically means we are guilty of discrimination.

We do well to think about this shift in focus because that is the ?back door? being used to force the acceptance of homosexuality as a viable and normal lifestyle upon our society. As Rep. Don Schroeder wrote in the Free Press, ?the bigger battle is taking place in the courts based primarily on a discrimination argument.?

Shifting the debate to discrimination is a clever move because it assumes that homosexuality is not wrong in and of itself. If homosexuality is wrong, then being opposed to homosexuality does not make a person guilty of discrimination any more than being opposed to murder, rape or armed robbery makes one guilty of discrimination.

On the other hand, if homosexuality is not wrong, then, and only then, discrimination is indeed an issue.

I would urge us as citizens and politicians, as churches and schools, to keep the debate focused on the real question before us: Is homosexuality wrong or right? If we allow the debate to shift to discrimination, then we have already answered the real question by default.

Darryl Busenitz


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