Letters (Dec. 5, 2012)

Apology requested for killing family dog

Last Tuesday around 3:30 p.m., in broad, clear, sunny daylight, our dog was hit by a car and killed. Whoever hit her did not stop or call us. This is quite disappointing.

While we understand that some vehicle-animal collisions cannot be avoided due to animals darting out into the road, we feel it would have been common courtesy for the person who hit our dog to come forward and at least apologize.

Joel, who had been making a fence at the other end of a large field, noticed a section of bumper in the road a short distance away from our now-deceased dog.

We had specifically put not one but two collars on our dog so that if she was away from home, people would know she is somebody?s dog. One of the collars had her rabies tag as well as the metal tag with our name, address and phone number. We had even added a large, bright yellow tag normally fastened in the ears of cattle. On this tag, with a permanent tag pen, we had written her name and our phone number.

This is particularly upsetting because things with this dog were just getting good. We adopted her in March as a 12-week-old puppy. We invested in vaccinations and in getting her spayed.

Her main job so far was to patrol the area that is our yard and pasture?the garden, the house, the barns, the sheds and the inner pasture?to keep the area as free as possible of skunks, raccoons, opossums, coyotes and bobcats. But most notably, we?d started to have success in training her to herd cattle.

In fact, just the day before, she?d done a great job for us. One of our calves had gotten out and was wandering among the large tractor attachments by the barn. She did a beautiful job of barking loudly and nipping at the calf?s heels. She then herded the calf back into the pasture. We were impressed, and proud of her.

Please, if you are the one who hit our dog, come forward. We would welcome an apology.

Joel and Dawn Suderman


Kudos for Marion?s pool manager

The Marion Swim Complex is blessed with a fearless leader, Greta Smith. I say fearless because she takes on her job?better, avocation?with joy and laughter and energy, even eagerness. She treats young and old alike, creating an atmosphere of warmth and welcome.

In today?s world, where people often whine and complain about hours and duties and labor unrewarded, Greta grabs the mop, the broom, the rag and tackles whatever needs tackling without complaint.

She overdoes her job, but that?s how everyone used to be. I see her in the water with children, giving them the confidence to overcome the waves. I see her in the water with the seniors, giving many who have never overcome them the courage to try. She watches and teaches and gives to us all by who she is, an example to follow.

At this time of year she needs a reminder of how much she is appreciated by her students and friends.

Greta, you are a class act.

Eveline Bartel


Thanks for your excellent book

A big military salute to the staff of the Free Press for their excellent book published to honor the military veterans of Marion County for their service to their country.

Manuel Kuchda


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