Letters (Dec 28, 2016)

Grateful for blood drive support

I would like to thank everyone who came to donate blood Dec. 23 at the Red Cross Blood Drive and everyone who helped coordinate the event. I was able to help coordinate through the Leaders Save Lives Scholarship Program.

In total, 59 pints of blood were collected. A big thank-you to Dale’s Supermarket for donating Hillsboro Sau­sage for all of the donors and workers, to the Brenda Bartel family who stayed after donating to help check people in, to Lori Thurston for providing snacks and helping donors, to Debbie Reasoner and Staci Silhan for their overall help the whole day, to the amazing, hard-working nurses who helped save lives, and, for everyone who donated or came in to try to donate. Thank you.

Ellian Weisbeck

Hillsboro High School junior