Letters (Dec. 2, 2009)

New lift stations are a costly tax expense

The city of Hillsboro agreed to buy new lift stations. Accord?ing to the Free Press that will cost us $212,637. Don?t worry, though, that money is coming from lefotver funds from the lagoon project.

It sure does not take long for our local government to find ways to spend every dollar we give them. Why are we replacing them? Are they broken? I wonder if they have done enough research on the existing lift stations.

It seems to me that they have extra money to spend so they just want new ones. If that is not bad enough, the project will cost us an estimated $653,740 including labor. That means labor alone will cost us $441,103.

Excuse me! Do you mean to tell me that to install these lift stations you have to be a college grad? Why can?t our city workers install it themselves? Isn?t that what we pay them for?

Our local government needs to learn to manage money a little better in these hard times. Instead of spending way too much on services or items we do not need.

Henry J. Slifer


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