Letters (Dec. 19, 2012)

Resident intends to build kennel in town

I like the way Hillsboro works. I had a cop come to our house and tell me I need a kennel license or Hillsboro will kill our dogs.

I do what Hillsboro tells me to do. I had an inspector at our house. He gave me an application to fill out for a kennel license.

Hillsboro said I had to talk to a building inspector. I talked to the building inspector and he said I cannot have a kennel. Who is back-stabbing who? Hillsboro leaves the building inspector out of certain things.

When it comes to our dogs, I will fight. Hillsboro cannot murder my dogs. I will build my kennel. I won?t listen to anyone. I ain?t playing your games anymore. My kennels are going up. I?m starting a business.

Wayne A. Kenel


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