Letters (Aug. 25, 2010)

Letter misrepresented context of comments


I would like to take an opportunity to comment on Stan Thiessen?s letter to the editor in last week?s paper.

I was not speaking for the Marion County Commission at the time I made my remarks. I?m familiar with what I said and I also re-read the news article. Nowhere in my remarks as reported was there any sort of insinuation that I was speaking for the commission as a whole, and praising us as a commission.

The intent and content of my remarks was solely to pay homage to Commissioner (Bob) Hein, who I felt and still feel displayed heroic courage that was in keeping with the standards set forth to be nominated for the JFK Profiles in Courage Award.

To avoid another misinterpretation of my remarks, I suggest you look up the standards set forth for this award and maybe you will agree, Commissioner Hein does indeed represent the prescribed qualities.

Several times during his service as a commissioner?especially during the casino and jail debates?Commissioner Hein faced severe criticism from his constituents for supporting a position he felt was beneficial to Marion County as a whole.

The regrettable part is all he supported were ideas put forth by the commission that were put on the ballot to be voted on by the citizens of Marion County. At no time was any major issue resolved by a ?self-absorbed, out-of-sync? commission shoving something down anyone?s throat.

I will apologize for the use of the word ?abused? in my comments. I was speaking off the cuff and in hindsight I guess I could have used a better word.

I do not consider disagreement with my thoughts and ideas abusive. In fact, I welcome a frank discussion and disagreement. That is what gives birth to new ideas and solutions to our problems.

What I do object to, and what I consider unwarranted behavior, is being challenged in a public social setting (public meetings are not included). There is a time and place for everything, and while at church, dinner in a restaurant, at work, at a child?s sports event, etc., is not the place and time to initiate an argument. If for no other reason than innocent by-standers, in some case children, are subjected to the spectacle.

I do not mean this just for the county commission, but any public office holder or even job-related issues from the private sector.

The reason I chose to respond to Mr. Thiessen?s letter is that I do not intend to have his out-of-context take about my remarks diminish in any way the credit and gratitude I feel Commis?sioner Hein has earned by his many years of public service and commitment to Marion County as a whole.

For Mr. Thiessen?s peace of mind, I would like to assure him I do not feel I know everything. I am reminded of this daily, sometimes before I leave home.

Dan Holub



No action taken on stolen-tractor report


I want to inform the residents of Marion County of an incident that happened a couple of weeks ago.

A friend of mine had a $5,000 to $6,000 tractor stolen from a hayfield next to U.S. Highway 56 in Marion County. He called to report the theft to the Marion County Sheriff?s Department and no one from the department came out to investigate. Also, nothing had been mentioned of the theft in the local papers.

This just doesn?t seem right.

Jim Peterson


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