Letters (Aug. 17 2010)

Commissioners have brought on ‘abuse’


Speaking for the Marion County commissioners, Commissioner (Dan) Holub recently praised the commission’s ability to persevere under abuse (Aug. 11 issue). Abuse?

Mr. Holub, we are a vigorous nation comprised of strong-willed people with a lot of opinions and not all of those opinions are the same. The fact that voters elected you to represent the public’s interests is what makes our nation great. In turn, we demand greatness from you.

The voters did not elect you because they think you know it all.

The county commission continues to make a mess of most everything it touches, from county projects to economic development, and we’re suffering for it.

Marion County voters recently took at least one positive step to try and correct a self-absorbed, out-of-sync commission.

Mr. Holub, if you think you are being abused, you are in the wrong job. It’s not a popularity contest. Get used to it or get out of public office for all our sakes.

Stan Thiessen


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