Letters (Aug. 1, 2012)

Vote Wiziarde for

McPherson Co. deeds

As a Republican and retired clerk of the District Court of McPherson County, I would like to voice my opinion about the register of deeds race.

Not only have I known Laurie (Baird) Wiziarde and her family for many years, I also had the chance to have Laurie work in my office. I personally know the spirit and integrity with which she performs her job. She really feels a responsibility to give the best service possible.

I was saddened to see her leave my office and go to the register of deeds office 14 years ago, but I knew it was the best move for her at the time, just as I know it is the right move to make Laurie B. Wiziarde our next McPherson County register of deeds.

Please join me in the Aug. 7 primary to vote Laurie B. Wiziarde the next register of deeds of McPherson County.

Charlie (Charlotte) Holub


? I would like to endorse Laurie B. Wiziarde as our next McPher?son County register of deeds. Every time I visit the office she shows the utmost professionalism in her job. Her outgoing personality and knowledge of the job makes it very rewarding to work with her. I hope you will join me in voting for her Aug. 7.

Charlie Williams

State certified appraiser


July 25 issue filled with good articles

I read the July 25 edition of the Free Press this morning and decided to write a letter rather than go out and waste water on the garden.

The recycling article was the first to catch my interest. Rollin (Schmidt, county recycling director) knows how much I have worked for the county-wide program to come about. Unfortunately, it appears not enough people are convinced of the importance of recycling. I include myself, because I am one who recycles paper and anything that is convenient for me to throw in the pickup and take to the transfer station.

I have asked, but not insisted, that the city look into the cost curbside recycling versus trash pick-up in Marion. Peabody?s plan seems so simple, but I have not found out the actual cost residents are paying for the curbside service. Why? Probably because I have not called their service company to find out.

Next, the ramblings of Joel (Partly Nonsense) caught my interest. This week it was his explaining the ?n? in the column. Your solution is the answer to many frustrations: ?Ignore it and hope it goes away on its own.?

Shelley (Plett) was a student of mine, so her column always interest me. Her article reminded how she and her family works.

Abi (Humber) was my informer of the week. I learned there is a another definition of ?troll,? and a person who always finds fault has another new way to express it.

After reading the article about the county commission meeting, I wonder if the cost of the radio tower was sufficiently researched at the very beginning of the jail project. For sure, it appears this part of the project was not researched soon enough.

The article about the county fair reminded me that summer vacation is coming to a close for the school kids.

I am among the brave souls who choose to attend in this heat. It always makes me appreciate the sometimes cooler weather we had way back when I was in 4-H.

The Goessel Threshing Days crept up on me this year?probably because my husband hasn?t been alive for several years when we attended the event. The concert on Saturday night is on my calendar.

Thanks, Free Press staff, for providing another good edition. I can always find some event to attend around the county by reading the paper.

By the way, I think the fair board is to be commended for the fun time we had at the ?Sock-Hop? on Wednesday night. I understand the Goessel Goal-Getters 4-H Club paid for the DJ.

Mary Olson


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