Letters (April 16, 2014)

Columnist raises good points

Thank you, Bob Woelk, for your article in the April 9 issue (Free Falling). All of your points were well made.
I, too, get tired of individuals who pass judgement and make statements based on Fox News instead of doing their own research and thinking things through for themselves.
There are certainly pros and cons to both sides of an issue, but instead of name calling and degradation, let?s have intelligent dialogue and debate.
A number of my friends and relatives have been helped by the Affordable Care Act, but their good news isn?t reported.

I?m also very concerned, especially as a former educator, about where the state of Kansas is headed, and feel embarrassed and disappointed in the Legislature?s and governor?s decisions.
I agree, I hope voters listen carefully this fall and take time to make intelligent and common-sense choices.
Carolan McFarland


? I was happy to read Bob Woelk?s? well-reasoned and well-stated column last week about criticism of President Obama. I, too, think that in the long run Obamacare will be seen as a great accomplishment.

I do have a criticism of our president that Bob didn’t mention. That is his increasing reliance on assassination by drone in other countries.

However, balanced against the ending of two Middle East wars, improvements in the U.S. economy and implementation of the Affordable Care Act, he comes out with a better than passing grade.

Thanks, Bob, for showing that not all Kansans are far right extremists.

Joe Smucker


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