New TAPP approach seemed to work well


This year the junior and senior parents met and decided to try something different for the Trojan After Prom Party. We still provided a safe, fun atmosphere for the students without alcohol or drugs, but we chose to bus the students to The Alley, a recreational facility in Wichita that has go-carts, bowling, billiards, and arcades.

The TAPP committee also provided extra activities like karaoke, card tournament, chair massages and inflatable activities.

In the past, TAPP provided activities and games in the 4-H building at the fairgrounds, but this option required extensive decorating to create a fun, festive atmosphere. The extensive decorating also required extensive time commitment.

Last year, I was at the fair building many hours that week in addition to my full-time job. There were many parents there every evening with me decorating that week and it was such a relief to eliminate that task.

It still required many hours of planning and preparation, but the actual work hours turned out to be hundreds of hours less.

The Alley option was basically the same money as renting activities to come to Hillsboro. We did purchase food and prizes locally. Many of the prizes were Chamber gift certificates so the students could choose their own items.

It never hurts to try new things. We are still gathering student and sponsor input, but so far the initial response is favorable. We had 133 students/dates attend, which is up from previous years.

The Alley staff seemed to like us, too. They said our kids were polite and our adult volunteer staff were helpful. Seems to me to be a win-win situation!

The future site of TAPP will be up to the junior and senior parents who will be hosting it.

We would sincerely like to thank everyone who contributed money, prizes, food items and time toward this year?s event. It was a successful and memorable event for the students.

Sally Andrews

TAPP coordinator



In truth, we will pay for reservoir project


Regarding expansion of Cottonwood Point at Marion Reservoir, whether for or against it, I say we pay. Where does federal money come from, as well as state and local? It comes from the people. To say it costs us nothing is deceitful!

Why is our dollar buying less and less, and things costing more and more? Is the dollar worth more, or is it worth less?

Every day we are being robbed from being responsible for our own right to provide for ourselves and secure our own future. We are being taught that our government is our sole provider at our expense.

I believe it is the responsibility of our elected representatives to protect our rights.

All these tourism dollars?how do they benefit me? It?s all about more revenue for government while making me more and more dependent instead of allowing me to keep my income to provide for myself.

Why is the economy in rural areas declining? Is it because government isn?t providing enough, or is it because we are being robbed of being responsible for ourselves?

Jerry Plett



Car vandalism speaks sadly about values


After reading the Free Press police report of a pickup being ?keyed? April 6 on the high school parking lot, I decided to write this letter.

Our car also was keyed (April 4) really deep, on the driver?s door and front fender.

It?s sad that someone in the area has no respect for other people?s cars. I?ve always enjoyed shopping in Hillsboro. Hopefully, there won?t be any more keyed cars.

Judy White



Where are the photos of talented singers?


Why is it that only the Hillsboro Star-Journal published a picture of the great young talent in the (Hillsboro High School) Spirit-N-Celebra?tion group?

You publish a lot of pictures of different sporting events?we are not against any sport, as it also takes talent. But sporting events are not the only events that have talented people participating.

The music talent show on the evening of April 19 was outstanding. But not a word was printed in your paper. You should be proud of all the singing talent that lives in the Hillsboro area.

If by chance we missed the photo in the Free Press, please accept our apology for this letter. Otherwise, you need to recognize these students in your community.

Charlie & Pat Ford



Coaches should let everyone play ball


This weekend I attended a baseball tournament in Hillsboro and was very disappointed in how the Hillsboro coaches chose who would play in the game and who would not.

I don?t think it?s fair to only play certain players and make others sit on the bench the entire game. How is a person supposed to get better at the game if all they do is sit on the bench?

Something else I saw and I disagree with: If a player made a mistake and they weren?t a ?star? player, the coach took that person out of the game.

We all make mistakes and, hopefully, we learn from them, but we can?t learn if we are never given the chance.

I think the boys should be on a rotation for play instead of the coaches picking and choosing. That way it?s fair to all of the boys.

I know the coaches want to win, but winning isn?t everything, especially if you aren?t fair to all of the players.

Kris Reese, Canton

Bob & Ethelda Lemon, Lehigh

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