Letter (Week of Aug. 20, 2008)

Sen. Pat Roberts will be in Marion County next week and will be asking for support to keep him in the U.S. Senate. Perhaps during his remarks at Tabor College he could explain his role as chairman of the Senate Intelligence Commit?tee during the time leading up to the Iraq War and the first four years of the war. The record would indicate that he accepted the ?gamed? and falsified intelligence that was the basis for going to war without question.

As the Iraq War went on, Sen. Roberts provided cover for the Bush administration and was successful in blocking any investigations that would have resulted in the public being aware of the bungling and outright lies by the administration.

This is not a small indiscretion but a partisan enabling that has caused more 4,000 U.S. military deaths, thousands of seriously wounded and a one half trillion dollar bleeding of our national treasure that is helping to wreck our economy.

Tabor College, with its history of pacifism, is the perfect venue for Sen. Roberts to explain his actions in regard to this unjust war of choice.

Harry E. Bennett


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