Letter to the Editor (week of November 8, 2017)

Disappointed by endorsement

By the time this letter will be read by the readers of the Free Press, the results of the city elections will be history and the winners and losers will be known by all accounts.

The coverage the Free Press has given of the various forums, coffees, interviews and individual candidate’s campaign ads was great.

Therefore, I still felt, as a nonvoter for Hillsboro mayor, I wanted to express my disappointment with your decision to endorse anyone for the city council position. Knowing you, I just didn’t think you would have to do it.

A resident of a town the size of Hillsboro or Marion should have had no difficulty finding out the candidate’s qualifications and make an intelligent vote. Also, you have probably had the opportunity to make your endorsements known to many residents in private conversations or had been personally asked.

I hope we can share a private conversation someday.

Mary Olson


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