Letter to the Editor (Week of February 15, 2017)

Long-range rebuke must be slow day

Harry, I read your letter (Feb. 8 issue). You don’t say anything about your beliefs, other than you were in the Marion Peacekeepers. I can only assume that with your insight, Madison, Wis., is a Utopian Paradise.

How slow must your day be to check the voting stats of the county you lived in almost 30 years ago and feel the need to write a letter about it.

Listen, Harry, I’ve been beaten in the name of God and I’ve been beaten for the name of God. It hurt either way but it didn’t make me thirst less for God. It only made me want to be more careful not to do it to others. Because, more than anything, I want others to be able to see God is God and Jesus is the Christ.

Please know I don’t hate Muslims. I know most could care less about what I believe. Before his conversion the Apostle Paul killed Christians. But God saw something in Paul. Maybe Paul killed truly believing he was serving God. And God, showing mercy, saved Paul from himself.

I pray that if someone should hate me to the point of killing me because they truly feel that they’re glorifying God, that God would show them mercy, too. But I’m not going to register as a Muslim so you or those of your ilk will like me or say how enlightened I am.

Lance Booker


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