Letter to the Editor (January 20, 2016)

?Love alike? distorts Christian truth

The story of the ?Em?peror?s New Clothes? came to mind after reading the letter to the editor published Dec. 30 by Ruth Harder.

Who in the entire kingdom would dare to state the obvious truth if it meant you would be deemed stupid and incompetent? Or, as in this case, Harder puts it, ?a small-town caricature…a person who was close-minded, intolerant, ignorant and naive.?

Peer pressure is very powerful, isn?t it?

It is wise to remember when all is said and done: God?s opinion is the only one that counts. ?For the wisdom of this world is foolishness before God? (1 Cor. 3:19).

Harder?s letter portrays a seemingly unimpeachable loving picture in support of Muslims at the Islamic Center of Kansas as ?Men?no?nites, Muslims and Uni?tarian Universalists joining together with signs such as ?Think different, love alike,? and encouraging Hillsboro and the next generation ?to grow big hearts as they learn to think different and love alike.?

This is a ruse, however, much like the Emperor?s invisible beautiful clothing. Seriously, think about it. What is being discussed here is accepting false religions. The truth is, Jesus and the antichrist cannot and do not love alike. One cannot give what they do not possess. Christians taking part in a Muslim worship and support demonstration is comparable to a Jew at a Nazi rally.

Tina Partridge


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