Letter to the editor (7-31-19)

No issues shopping locally by reader

I just read the letter to the editor regarding bullying in the Hillsboro businesses and am shocked.

We have done our business in Hillsboro the entire time we have lived here and have NEVER experienced anything like what was stated in the letter.

We buy our groceries at Dales, our gas at Jost Service, our meds at Hillsboro Hometown Pharmacy, our home supplies at Hillsboro Hardware, our tires at Rod’s, our vehicles have been purchased and serviced at Hillsboro Ford, we shop at Dollar General and so on. We also enjoy the service and food at our local restaurants. When we built our home, Elcon Services did an excellent job and could not have served us better. We were fortunate that at that time we could also purchase lumber locally and use a local plumber.

In the 61 years that we have been married, we have found our local business personnel to be helpful, kind, honest and welcoming. If there were times when it was not so, none of which come to mind, it was probably because I was in a hurry and did not display kindness myself.

There are two sides to every story and it would be interesting to hear the other side. It might help put things into perspective.

Betty Seibel


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