Letter to the Editor (6-5-19)

With others, we wish we did not need to talk about wind farms in Marion Country. We wish things could stay the way they are. But we also believe that we need to move toward a renewable energy future and we want to be part of that movement even if it involves some risk and inconvenience. We will benefit financially if the wind farm is built as proposed, but our concern for the environment is a bigger factor in our support.

We are convinced that our insatiable appetite for electricity and how it is generated is damaging our environment and endangering our future. For the good of future generations, we must find ways to move away from our dependence on carbon based energy. Wind generated energy is part of this transition. This transition will be difficult but it cannot be avoided.

Land ownership involves the responsibility to take into account the common good of our community and the world. We are convinced that supporting the expansion of wind generated electricity is for the common good.

Keith and Judy Harder


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