Letter to the Editor (2-20-19)

Expedition Wind read the Free Press’s article this past week on our proposed wind farm and we look forward to becoming a valuable member of the Marion County community. With a substantial amount of commerce, new jobs, and substantial shared funding with area landowners, we believe Expedition will have a very positive short- and long-term impact to the local economy. As one of the smaller counties (population-wise) in Kansas, we believe our project will become a primary contributor to the area’s economy.

We have been very pleased with the support of the landowners in our footprint and the surrounding area. Landowners are being compensated for both their land committed to the project, and for any project infrastructure to be sited within their property. We expect that these payments will ultimately spread through the community to local small businesses and help to develop or expand existing agricultural operations throughout Marion County. Additionally, we will be committed to adding significant funding to the county and the associated school district’s tax revenues each year. We also expect shared responsibility with the county for the adjacent roadways to help keep them in good repair and function for their long-term use.

Anytime there is major change, such as the construction of a large wind farm, there is a level of apprehension, and we understand this. Marion County already has its first wind farm in the northern part of the County. Expedition understands that we need to be good stewards of the land and the environment. We will continue to work with our landowners so that their agricultural operations can continue to be successful for future generations.

The wind industry is growing nationally, and particularly in Kansas where there are now over 40 wind farms operating, with the capacity to generate nearly 6,000 MWs of renewable energy. Over 36% of the state’s energy generation now comes from these renewable resources. The overall impact in the state has been very positive, both in terms of the economic growth, and in providing reasonable energy costs to the state’s utilities and their power customers.

We welcome your appearance at the upcoming Planning and Zoning and County Board meetings, as they are scheduled, to listen to our development plan and answer any of your questions.

There were some comments in the Free Press’s article that were not accurate. Generally, the article was very fair, but we would like to correct these inaccuracies.

There was a reference that Expedition had acquired both the assets and the previous “companies” from Sunwind and Windborne. This is not quite accurate. Our acquisition was an “asset” purchase only, and we do not own any piece of any of the predecessor companies.

Expedition Wind, LLC c/o NATIONAL RENEWABLE SOLUTIONS 1907 Wayzata Blvd | Suite 220 | Wayzata, MN 55391 952.473.7500 | www.natrs.com

There was a comment attributed to one of our staff that “the new footprint is south of US Highway 50 and east of US Highway 77”. This is not accurate, as Expedition did not acquire, nor do we own any leased assets for wind turbine siting South of Highway 50 and East of Highway 77. The project does have an application for Conditional Use Permit before Butler County only for an electrical substation which will connect the project’s energy to an existing 345kV transmission line owned and operated by Westar Energy. However, we are not seeking approval for any wind turbine siting with Butler County.

This is a very important issue as we consulted with several key people on this issue.

We specifically EXCLUDED acquisition of development assets in the established moratorium area of the Flint Hills Tall Grass Heartland. Our wind generation project will be entirely north of US Highway 50 and West of Highway 77, which represents the local boundary of the area covered by the wind energy moratorium. Further, we do not believe that any of our staff stated any reference to any amount of our wind farm that will be in the Tall Grass Heartland area. We understand the sensitivity surrounding this designated area, and are in fact, explicitly avoiding any development of our wind farm in any of the areas covered by the Moratorium.

Expedition would appreciate the publication of this letter and these corrections to set the record straight so there is no confusion as to our plan for the project. Thank you for time and consideration.

Kind Regards, Patrick Pelstring President and CEO Expedition Wind, LLC

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