It takes more than athletic talent to win

I have had the privilege of observing two incredible high school girls’ basketball teams this season: Hillsboro girls and the girls from Wichita Heights, where I work as a library media specialist.

Both teams made it to state and won their state titles respectively. I think a lot of times people think it’s easy, and that sheer athletic talent will win the game. But I beg to differ.

I would like to propose some other factors that helped both of these teams win “the big one.”

1. Losing can be a good thing. Both of these teams lost in their regular season. They did not have perfect records. I believe that losing either makes you bitter or better. Both of these teams chose to make themselves better and went on a mission to win the games that counted most.

2. Mental toughness. When things didn’t go well in games, they used their mental toughness to get the job done. If people don’t think you can play athletics and not be intelligent, they haven’t played. The players on both of these teams get the job done academically in the classroom as well as on the court, and that’s what will carry them on through life and into the work force.

3. Great coaching and great academic staff. I believe this is vital. The coaching staffs and academic staffs at both schools know how to work with young women. It is not the same as working with young men. 

It takes a certain personality and demeanor to work with academically intelligent and athletically talented young women. You are ones who keep them focused on what’s important.

Again, congratulations!  Enjoy your much needed rest at spring break.

Krista Priest,


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