A positive change for county roads

After 10 months of being frustrated over Marion County road issues as well as road and bridge personnel and procedures, news that Randy Craw?ford was resigning as head of the department brightened my day.

However, his slam of Marion County agriculture as a whole made me lose all respect for him. Farm?ing and the livestock industry are the backbone of Marion County.

Randy?s departure eliminated only one barrier to restoring basic and efficient road maintenance procedures. An additional barrier was the promotion of a county employee who was not qualified for his current job.

My biggest fight will be with my own elected commissioner from District 2. If this barrier seeks re-election, I will find someone else qualified to run, or make time in my own life to be the next commissioner.

Our road issues are still here and will continue into the future. I will continue to fight for positive change in the road and bridge department.

I want to thank everyone who has supported my efforts in this cause. If you have comments or complaints in the future, I can be reached at 620-924-5712 or 620-381-0283.

With Randy?s departure, the morale among our county employees has taken a positive boost, and I hope they can continue to restore pride in their work. Marion County?s road maintenance can?t be done without them.

Mike Beneke


Why celebrate death and evil?

While walking and driving through neighborhoods, I?ve noticed some very disturbing things: skulls and other body parts hanging from tree branches, whispy ghosts, tombstones in yards, ghoulish faces with eyes and mouths opened in fear, even a ?body? wrapped in a black bag and looking so real it seems to have been snatched from a mortuary.

We all know why: It?s Halloween, which focuses on detestable pagan witchcraft.

I?ve had enough of death. Why would you want to see this evil vicariously displayed at your house or in your yard?

I have seen in the media real, living people dressed totally in black with just a slit cut out for them to peer through their dark hood to use a machete or sword to sever the head of a Chris?tian.

Christians, wake up. Halloween is a day set aside to celebrate evil, darkness, witchcraft and all demonic activity. Stop justifying your desire to celebrate this worldly holiday.

The Bible asks, ?What fellowship has light with darkness? What accord has Christ with the devil?? (2 Cor. 6:14-16). Halloween glorifies the devil, and we can see what the devil is doing openly in the world all around us with death, destruction and deception.

If you come to my door Oct. 31, I will have a candle burning on the front porch and will greet you with the good news that Jesus is the light of the world and there is no darkness in him.

Linda Eden


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