Letter to the editor regarding masks

As someone who works in one of our local retirement communities, I’ve been disappointed to see how many of the clerks, employees and customers in our local businesses and community seem to think it is no longer necessary to wear face masks.

Are they comfortable? No!

Do they help? We hope and pray they do.

In our work we get daily information and updates from leaders in healthcare who continue to say that wearing face masks is necessary.

They can help to prevent the spread of the virus and since it does more to protect those around us than ourselves, its a great way to show consideration for others and makes one feel more comfortable to shop at home.

There are those in the community who are more vulnerable due to health conditions and deserve our respect as well.

We are doing all we can at Parkside to protect residents and staff and appreciate all those in the community who help us.

We are so grateful that we have no covid19 cases at the present time and want to continue to be as cautious as we can.

Nadine Friesen


Chaplain at Parkside Homes

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