Learning from granddaughters

Granddaughters Grace and Lucia are only three months shy of their fifth birthday. Each time we visit their family, they seem to have grown by 2 inches or more.

In some ways, they exceed their age in wisdom by far.

This week, I was on the receiving end of some of their satirical humor. As I sat down for breakfast with a waffle and strawberry sauce, Grace asked if I had enough waffles to go with the strawberry sauce.

I wonder where she got her sense of humor.

As a treat for them, and much needed relaxation for their parents, we hosted a sleepover at the hotel. We went swimming at the hotel?s indoor, heated pool. We played games that nearly exhausted yours truly. By the time their bedtime hour came up, I was ready for bedtime as well.

After two days of intense activity, I will be ready for some ?normal? activity, like stopping in at the Lehigh Double Circle Day Care and catching up on the latest gossip with the guys and an occasional lady or two.

Come to think of it, corn-planting time is almost here. I need to check with those fellows at Lehigh to see if the soil temperature is about right for it. They actually have a chief resident soil temperature officer who gives the go-ahead for this important activity.

Because of the sensitive nature of his work?pun intended with the words, sensitive and nature?the officer?s name will be withheld.

Where was I? Oh yes, our youngest granddaughter, Eva, is doing her best to get in on the action with her sisters. She moves her mouth in such a way that makes it look like she wants to say something. Her cooing is an effort to that end.

That said, I don?t think we?ve heard the last of her. She has two older sisters to catch, and I sense she will be more than up to the challenge.

Her parents almost feel like they are getting away with very little effort on their part when caring for one infant. After having twins, it is like finishing chores when the job is half done.

Perhaps every new parent couple should take care of twins for six months, prior to having their own single child. It would give them a better perspective on the challenges they face and make them feel grateful.

It is not going to happen, I know.

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