Editor gets out of town for awhile

Last week, I went on a family vacation to Galveston, Texas. Days of uninterrupted time with my kids, the beach and ocean, seafood, authentic Mexican food, fun beverages and more, well, needless to say, I struggled to come back.

Oh sure. There was the normal, “I can’t wait to get back to my own bed and see the cat” (The dog could have stayed at The Lodge in Marion for several more days for all I cared…not just because it is really nice there, but we can just say that is why so all the dog lovers out there don’t totally hate me). And I did really miss my plants.

And yes, there are so many amazing, unique aspects to Hillsboro and Marion County. But, let’s be honest. It is also really good to get out of the bubble sometimes. While it is often nice to be “where everybody knows your name”, it is also so nice to be where people don’t know you (although fun fact, I ran into a former Hillsboro resident in a hole-in-the-wall taco shop). Maybe that is just me being an introvert, but I loved running to a store or somewhere and not worrying that I would bump into someone I knew.

And while I don’t fully agree with Mr. Thiessen’s feelings that there are business bullies in Hillsboro, I think some healthy competition could keep prices a little more comparable and enable large families to realistically do all of their shopping in county. I try to do as much as I can, but I just can’t do all of it.

But for a few days, I could shop and get the best deal guilt-free. This frugal soul loved that!

Even just having more options would be amazing! I gained weight on vacation simply from trying to cover all my favorite places to eat before I had to come back to the very limited selection.

I’m not saying we have to turn into a big city, but it would be so wonderful if we could get more businesses here. But then there is the whole thing of we would have to shop in county and support them.

So for now, I encourage you to get out of Marion County once in awhile. See what other towns and counties do better than we do.

Expand your horizons. You can always come back and appreciate what you have here as well. Both are healthy.

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