Announcing a new feature in the paper

For those of you who don’t know me well, I was in education for years before I came to the newspaper. My most recent adventure before the Free Press was substituting all over Marion County.

So I can say with confidence that we have some amazing talent in our youth in our county. And we have some equally amazing teachers who are helping them figure out what they want to do. Since many of them are interested in journalism or just writing and photography, we wanted to give them a chance to try their skills out and see if the newspaper field might be for them.

We have been reaching out to teachers to select students who the county needs to hear from, and we will be featuring them either in our new “Head of the Class” column or in other places such as sports photos.

I think we will all be winners from this. The youth get to try out a new experience and we get to hear from our youth. Win, win!

You already heard from my daughter Sarah a time or two (hello, nepotism!), and now we are branching out to others.

One of my favorite places to sub was at Canton-Galva High School. Not only do they have some great kids, but their principal, school secretary, coaches and teachers consistently blew me away with how much they went above and beyond in caring for their students. So I am including them in our list of youth to share their talents with us since they are basically in Marion County.

I hope you enjoy next week’s column from Aiden who is a pretty funny and talented guy.

If you see Sarah, Aiden and the others who will follow them, please let them know how much you enjoy their words. Or you can always let us know at the Free Press and we will pass it along to them. It is always helpful for them to hear what they are doing well and what we want more of. Hopefully this will be helpful to them as they move along in their journey to what they want to be when they grow up.

Now, if some of us adults could figure that out as well!