Keep it beautiful

? A coat of paint can go a long way in making Marion County attractive to everyone.

It is amazing what a coat of paint can do to spruce up a space. Cable television shows are dedicated to the topic of such an idea and how it affects people’s home-buying experience.

People notice when a space is pretty, organized and put together. They notice when they are in our communities for a softball game or just passing through on one of the many highways in Marion County.

Curb appeal is a real thing and something the people in Marion County should be considering as we push forward in recruiting new businesses and families to our communities.

Making an area attractive is a team effort and not something one city, family or organization can accomplish on their own, either.

It takes a mentality from a group of people to keep things tidy and well maintained, and that means a fresh coat of paint occasionally.

Paint is a simple thing. It doesn’t cost much, and pretty much anyone can handle the task. Paint can also be the biggest impact anyone can make in maintaining the beauty and appeal of our communities, especially if a building is in need already.

We know it is hot and not fun to be outside right now, but if you walk outside your business or home and notice it has been awhile since you put a fresh coat of paint up, then schedule some time to do it this fall.

If you have painted but notice a neighbor or friend might need some help to make it happen, then offer.

The effort put forth won’t be in vain as people take notice and realize how nice a place this might be to move to.

Several businesses have put on a new coat of paint this summer, and we have certainly noticed, so I would imagine others will, too. We appreciate their effort.

So if it has been awhile and the house or business is starting to look a little dull, become a part of the team and buy some paint.

– Joey Young, owner and publisher

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