Job well done

? Clint Seibel leaves a laudable track record after eight years of service to the Hillsboro community.

Economic development director has to be one of the toughest jobs in small-town government. Who would chose a public job where it?s possible to work (very hard) for weeks, months, sometimes years behind the scenes with little evidence of tangible productivity, much less ?success??

Fortunately?for him and for the city?Clint Seibel has developed a laudable track record during his eight years on the job at Hillsboro. Small towns will have their share of second-guessers, and not every economic initiative is embraced by the masses, but the nature of the job breeds ambiguity. Confi?dentiality is key to earning the trust of those who have economic dreams to pursue. But that requires patience, negotiation and time?three things for which most onlookers have little tolerance.

Elsewhere in this issue you can read about some of Clint?s accomplishments during his tenure with the city and Hillsboro Development Corp. But one of the things we appreciate most has been his integrity. A hometown product, Clint?s biggest goal was not necessarily to bring businesses to Hillsboro, but to see the community itself grow in mutual cooperation, become more attractive to others, and ultimately prosper for the holistic benefit of its citizens. To that we say, ?Job well done.? ?DR

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