It’s time to say goodbye

This is my last column. It has gotten too hard due to not being able to use the computer and my speech problems. I’d like to thank my wife and daughter for helping me with my column for the past year or so. I have been writing the column for 23 years. That is long enough to do something. Our 1964 class motto was “This far and farther.” One of our classmates said this is far enough. Thanks to everyone who has read it and commented on it along the way.

As of Jan. 12, I am now three quarters of a century old.

We watched the Superbowl and saw the GOAT beat the Kid. When Mahomes has been around awhile, he will become the GOAT, and there will be a new Kid. There will always be a new Kid.

I’m happy to have missed the frigid spell in Kansas. We were enjoying temperatures from 45 to 70 during that time.

Why did the raven get kicked out of the bar? Because it was a crow bar. This joke is courtesy of Alexa. I like to ask her to tell me jokes and the time and temperature. We also like to ask her the line on the upcoming games. I have wagered with my son-in-law George, but so far no money has been exchanged. We like to let it roll.

I am blind out of one eye and can’t see very well out of the other, but it’s getting better. Basically, I am a mess. I may have a lot of health problems, but I’m like a Timex. I take a lickin’ but keep on tickin’.

A man got hit by a rental car and said it Hertz. Thanks to Laura Paulus for this one.

As our old friend, Don Wipf, used to say, “See you on down the road.”

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