It’s time to get back to walking

I am back on the wagon, and Lindsey and I are being more active starting last week. The last six months have been a whirlwind, and the amount of walks the dog gets and general activity I have been getting have gone down the tube.

It’s really bummed me out.

Lindsey got me out of my funk last week when she told me we were going to go walking every day to burn some stress out and get the dog some exercise.

I was glad she did, as the walks have really done a wonder in the stress department, and I hope for my waistline, too, eventually.

Loving your work helps make the day go by quickly and enjoyably. Loving your work to the point that I do can be counterproductive sometimes. I have been darn near sedentary recently at my computer, toiling away on projects for hours without break.

The basketball games have been fewer and further between, the walks were almost completely out the window, and with that, my level of stress was going up.

I screwed up some simple stuff with a project I was working on and couldn’t figure out how I could do such a numbskull thing.

The answer was simple yet difficult for me to find.

I was just working too hard. I was staring at a computer screen and working on projects so much that my brain wasn?t getting a break.

Good old physical activity was the perfect medicine for what ailed me, and I am going to do my darnedest to make sure I don?t fall down the work rabbit hole again.

My general work day is 12 to 14 hours, which is fine, but I need to make sure that doesn?t turn into 14 to 16 hours every day.

A good hour-long walk or an occasional basketball game certainly won’t hurt my productivity. In fact, it is helping it.

This may not be for everyone, but for me, my life is a lot less stressful when Lindsey, K.C. (our dog) and I go out for a nice stroll around the neighborhood.

I am hoping for some better health, both mentally and physically, from my change in lifestyle, so cross your fingers, and we shall see how things continue into the harsh weather.