In response to Penner’s recent column

Mr. Penner, you hit the nail on the head. Inaccurate and false news is stated as the truth, and if presented as such long enough, it does indoctrinate people to believe it as the truth.

Audiences of CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, and other news stations along with most newspapers nationally and locally only report what they want their listeners and readers know. There is NO real journalism anymore. The days of simply reporting the news and writing fair, open-minded and balanced opinions are gone and replaced with biased and deceitfulness, as you demonstrate in your column regularly.

Your first statement starts out possibly correct, “President Trump hires 15,000 folks to train and take over security details in cities dominated by Blue State policies.” You then continue saying, they act like thugs attacking peaceful protesters, kidnapping others and harassing bystanders with tear gas, rubber bullets and flash bang weapons. You are now fueling the lies and propaganda which will ultimately destroy this United States of America.

I’m a person who believes in everyone’s right to peacefully protest, however, what we are witnessing in our cities is not all peaceful protest! When peaceful people are peacefully protesting their cause, and it turns violent by burning buildings, vandalizing businesses, graffiti sprayed everywhere, yelling profanity, enticing fights, shooting innocent children, throwing bricks and injuring our police with ball bats, etc. isn’t that the time when the peaceful protesters say, “Oh, I’m out of here” and immediately go home?

I sure would.

Peaceful people will NOT hang out in this atmosphere, but rioters will. And how repulsive the blue states politicians along with the biased and deceitful news media defends, protects and excuses this outrageous destruction and needless loss of life and property then blames the police and, of course, our president.

You attempt to discredit conservative ministers, i.e. Franklin Graham, Pat Robertson and Jerry Falwell, Jr. questioning if their facts are correct. Yet in your blatant bias opinion you fail to mention any of your radical parties so-called ministers, lack of credibility, i.e. Rev Jeremiah Wright, Rev Al Sharpton the racist pot-stirrer of all time, Rev. Jessie Jackson and don’t forget Rev Jennifer Butler who states, “ Our moral values speak to the kinds of laws we ought to have.” She explicitly states her moral values, NOT the moral values of our Father God!

Interesting, that you recognize how dangerous and toxic the system of the Fuehrer proved to be in history yet, who is the fuehrer of today’s misinformation, lies, and spreading of the blue state chaotic policies as if they are good and virtuous? Well, I contend it is not limited to CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, and national newspapers but it’s right here in the Marion Co. newspapers. Mr. Penner shame on you.

Kelly Novak

Tampa, Ks

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