In response to Penner

Mr. Penner’s article of 9/9 certainly drew some interesting parallels to our current situation. HEAR! HEAR! Mr Penner, and Thank You.


Shooting paintballs at people legally amounts to assault and battery. Trump says it is ok and sends his unmarked thugs to beat up protesters.

Not wearing a mask amounts to extreme disrespect of not only the populace, but our Governor who tries, but gets kicked in the face by our supposedly concerned state legislators.

I find it obscene that even certain people on your Marion County’s Commission adamantly refuse to wear a mask.

I have started saying to non–mask wearers, “Have you made out your will?”

It gripes me that stores”require,” but do not “enforce” masks. I’d gladly call the police, but they won’t respond.

Thanks again, Mr. Penner, for the quotes about history being repeated by those who ignore it. Trump said on tv that he didn’t know of the work of Mr Woodward. I hope that we are repeating Woodward’s

Watergate work which contributed to Mr Nixon’s resignation.

I hope that in his unbounded ignorance that Trump does repeat history in part.

Trump’s total disgrace, yes! Hitler’s dictatorship, NO!

Thank you, also, for bringing up CRITICAL THINKING. Because it does NOT get taught in our schools. We need to teach LOGIC!

I recently discussed with my daughter the history books we had in school. We had never heard of Juneteenth until this year. The sanitized garbage we were “taught” amounts to censorship and, basically, white supremecy lies and dogma.

And now it only gets worse; Trump wants to cheat everyone out of our own voting rights and claim that the November election doesn’t count even before it happens. Trump votes absentee, by mail, but he doesn’t want us, the citizens, to have the same rights. What a crock (crook?).

“The virus is a mild flu.” “The virus will go away, like a miracle, in April.” Missed that. “States run by Governors who do not like me get no PPE.” How much evil and how many lies does it take for someone to have this sink in and respond intelligently by saying 190,000 dead is enough? Also, how many dead people does it take for our state legislators to go along with the Governor’s suggestions?

Nov. 3 cannot get here soon enough for me, but then we have to continue to suffer until noon on Jan. 20. I wish that we all would survive, but tens of thousands will unnecessarily die.

I used to vote Republican, but not now.

Randy C. Hamilton of rural Canton

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