Writer deals with inevitable block

Writer’s block; something that every writer in history has had to struggle with and try to overcome. The official definition of this awful time when your brain turns to mush is “when a writer loses the ability to produce new work, or experiences a creative slowdown”. Well here I am on this Sunday afternoon, the day before I need to turn in my article, with writer’s block. I’ve looked up topics, tried a few out, taken a snack break, and still nada.

So I am going to try something out that I’ve seen some other bloggers do when they don’t know what to write about; a Q&A. There have been trends all over the internet on blogs and on YouTube for years where people answer random questions about themselves. I personally love reading and watching these. I get the inside scoop on the person whom I really enjoy reading their creative content. Now, this may be extremely boring to some, whom I apologize to, and recommend you to tune in next time when hopefully my brain is working. Although I’m not really sure if anyone reads this besides my mom and my best friend…

Question one: What movie can you watch over and over without getting tired of it?

Answer: “Hocus Pocus” and “The Choice.” Both are amazing and I have watched them countless times, and will continue to enjoy forever.

Question two: If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be?

Answer: Brighton, England. I would live in a house on the beach that looks out to the Pierre, and there are these little sheds that line the beach that are all different colors that people rent to keep beach supplies in. They are so cute. I would also enjoy somewhere in the woods in a little cabin like Oregon.

Question three: What is your favorite food?

Answer: Any kind of pasta or rice. Noodles are amazing and I would eat them every day.

Question four: What invention would you like to create?

Answer: An umbrella for dogs that attaches to their harness and stands up by its self so your dog can go outside in the rain without its owner getting wet too. I would also like to make glow in the dark band aids. No one steal those from me, I’m going to make big bucks off of those.

Question five: What bad habit could you never give up?

Answer: Popping my knuckles. I’ve done it for as long as I can remember and I can’t stop or my fingers hurt! I am pretty sure I learned this vice from the movie “Lilo and Stitch,” which was my favorite when I was three years old. The social worker in the movie always popped his knuckles, so I guess I thought that looked like fun when I was three.

Question six: If someone could narrate your life, who would you chose?

Answer: Eva Green. She has a raspy British accent and I love it.

Question seven: What is your favorite kind of music?

Answer: Indie/Alternative. My favorite musicians/bands to listen to are Halsey and The 1975. I would highly recommend them if you enjoy those generas.

Question eight: What is the smartest thing you’ve ever seen an animal do?

Answer: My dog will eat exactly half of the food in her bowl and then scratch at it for someone to rotate the bowl around and she’ll then proceed to eat the rest. I’m not sure if she’s intelligent or just a brat.

Question nine: Where is your favorite place to shop?

Answer: Target. I could live in Target. They have everything from super cute clothes to home décor and candles to yummy snacks. You can’t lose.

Question ten: What is your favorite book and T.V. series?

Answer: My favorite book series is The Mortal Instruments. There are six 600+ page books and I’ve read them all at least twice, and get so attached to them every time that I wish so badly it was real. My favorite T.V series is Gilmore Girls. My life goal is to strive to be as witty as Lorelai Gilmore.