The dream is close to coming true

Wow. It?s weird to think that in 18 days I?m going to be driving up to Chicago for school. Just 18 sleeps.

I feel like my summer has been flying by?so much to take care of college-wise, trying to get lots of work hours, wanting to hang out as much as I can before I take off?and my mind is totally all over the place.

This article will probably be an accurate representation of how scattered my mind is. I hope you can see past its A.D.D. qualities and possibly find my racing mind ?cute? or ?endearing? or something. OK. Ready, set, go?

I guess the first thing on my mind is college. It just seems weird that I?m ACTUALLY going to be away at school. I?ve dreamed about it pretty much forever, so it?s so strange and surreal that I?m really going to be there soon. Before, it felt too far in my future to be a real event. Eighteen sleeps isn?t a very long time…. It?s all hitting me.

All of my dorm stuff is piled in a corner, I have my last day of work set, I?m starting to go through my disgustingly full closet and pick out what I actually wear?it?s happening now.

I even have my black Hogwarts-esque trunk ready to be loaded. I?m still searching for an owl cage and some long, flowing robes so I can make a grand appearance when I step on campus.

So. Am I ready for it? Absolutely. I cannot wait to learn and grow and become more fully ?Abi.? Am I ready to be away from people I love? What a ridiculous question. Of course not. There are a handful of people I REALLY want to stay connected with, and I know our key to that is being intentional about making time for each other.

Also, my brain is still trying to process the experiences from a two-week missions trip I got back from four days ago. A group from Parkview Church went to South Texas for two weeks of service and learning.

I feel a little depressed being home. When I was there, all I wanted was a few hours of alone time. Now that I?m home, I have more alone time than I know what to do with. I miss getting ready for the day together?three girls in a cramped bathroom, being at least 20 minutes late everywhere because we didn?t have an alarm, doing ab workouts with our host family?s 9-year-old son, trying to play volleyball with adorable 5-year-olds in sweltering 104-degree weather, having heart-to-hearts with multiple friends?sigh. I want to go back.

It?s just weird that life passes by so quickly. Maybe this will sound like something my Oma would say, but it honestly doesn?t seem that long ago that I wrote my first column right after my freshman year.

I mean, every day seems to last forever, but when I look back I can?t believe summer is almost over. Sometimes I?d just like to pause life and spend time just being, not always trying to prepare for the next thing already.

I know I?m ready for the next chapter of my life?I?d just like to be able to stop and enjoy this part a little bit longer.

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