Summer knee rehab a mix of misery and mirth

As many of you probably know, I spent the summer rehabbing my knee in Hutchinson at Pinnacle Sports Medicine.

Being crippled all summer was generally awful, but the incredibly professional, humorous and kind workers at the clinic made the situation as positive as it could have been.

I actually wrote this column in text-message form a few weeks ago. I woke up at 4 a.m. and couldn?t sleep with so many thoughts swimming in my head. I picked up my phone, furiously poked my thumbs around on the keyboard, sent it to myself (four full messages, in total), and recently came back to the texts to put them into logical newspaper sense.

While my descriptions of the following people are a little goofy and might make it seem like we never did any work, that is absolutely not the case. The Pinnacle employees just happen to be huge jokers as well as talented trainers.

I suppose I?ll start with the first Pinnacle-ite I ever met or talked to. Jen is the receptionist, and she loves Roberto from ?The Bachelorette.? I have to admit, hearing her and various other female workers talk about his perfection or tape pictures of his (beautiful, perfectly chiseled) face to their desks influenced my final decision to favor the tall, dark and handsome man over Chris, that other guy.

Matt, one of the physical therapists, looks like Ferris Bueller. Carrie, my trainer, looks like Penelope from ?Lost.?

Clearly, going to therapy with these people fed my pop culture addiction.

I spent almost all of my time with Carrie, who told me she?d name her baby after me if she was born on my birthday. However, Carrie, I hereby give you my blessing to name her after me regardless of her date of birth once you realize how much you miss my socially unacceptably prickly legs and sleepy eyes at 7 a.m. I know you want a permanent fixture of me in your life, so why not a namesake?

I suppose another option is to frame my various MRIs and charts and hang them above your TV or something. I don?t know your decorating tastes, but whatever.

Christine, who was a grad student, was so friendly, and I always felt confident she knew just what she was doing with my knee. We always would joke that Carrie was in her office, playing computer Solitaire and dumped me on Christine because she hated me and wanted to avoid me.

Lauren, another PT, is a friend of my parents and went on a llama adventure. She has a bunch of them and showed me pictures and everything. That definitely spiced up some boring knee-icing sessions.

Brent never missed an opportunity to poke fun at me. Once, at my second appointment after surgery, I got crazy lightheaded while doing a standing exercise. Carrie got me back to the bed and put my feet up, got me a cool washcloth, a cup of water, and pointed a fan right at me.

This was great, except I get cold really easily. Brent heard me ask for a blanket (Robyn and Tara at Hillsboro therapy might remember my heavy blanket use). He said something like, ?Does the princess want a teddy bear, too?? It was funny.

I also used to joke about wishing I had a shoulder injury instead of my knee because they got head and back massages all the time. But I was reassured that Carrie still terrorized those patients with her World?s Strongest Thumbs.

It?s random little things like what I?ve mentioned in this column that bring a smile to my face when I remember my summer. During a time of my life that could have been overwhelmed with negativity and struggle, the people at Pinnacle helped create an environment that caused me to not only feel encouraged about healing my knee, but look forward to each appointment.

You all are amazing, thank you so much.

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