Summer brings a welcomed peace of mind

Summer has finally kicked into full gear. Hot days in the pool, late nights gazing at the stars and relaxing with the peace of mind of not having to be anywhere.

Summer is a beautiful time of year and I am making the most of it. In years past, keeping busy during break can sometimes be a challenge, with the need to sit and do nothing after a busy school year gone. But this summer I am finding myself with plenty to do, in a good way.

I’m working my first job this summer. I started working at the concession stand at the baseball and softball fields in the evening and I am really enjoying it. It keeps me busy and puts a little cash in my pocket.

Even though nights get late and it is very hot in there, the job is teaching me valuable things. I am quite a introvert, so working with people and not having anyone else there to speak up for me has been good.

I’m not much of a kid person either, but with all the kids that come up asking for bubble gum and saying, “What can I buy for 10 cents?” they are growing on me.

Once, three little boys, whom I know are a little mischievous, came up with 50 cents asking for a hot dog. I told them they needed another dollar, so they ran away complaining that I wouldn’t give it to them. I heard them say, “Let’s ask all of our parents for a some money!” They came back later with enough money for a three-way share of their hot dog.

Something I love about this time of year, and being away from school, is I finally have time to read. I am submerging myself in books as much as I can. Reading has always been a passion of mine, being able to be whisked away to another world for a couple of hours.

It’s different than just watching a movie. You can picture the story and characters however you see fit. It is your own personal experience. I love to read outside in the evening when it’s quiet. My best friend, Millie, introduced me to the “sport” of hammocking recently, and I find that is the perfect place to get comfy with a book.

Spending time with friends is what summer is all about. Something that never gets old to do in Hillsboro is getting people together to go to the Igloo. Sitting there with friends under those little fairy lights is such a great atmosphere.

Another thing I love, as I mentioned before, is to go hammocking. My friends and I go to the park and have a little spot where the trees are close and lay in our hammocks and just talk and listen to music.

It’s the most fun at night when no one else is there. Except for one occasion a while ago, Millie and I were together, and we see what we thought was an exceptionally large squirrel. We thought nothing of it until the squirrel found a friend.

And then they got closer, and we realized they were skunks, about 10 yards aways from us. We tore down our hammocks as quick as we could and bolted out of there, spray free.

Above all, I think my favorite thing about summer is watching the stars. I am a night owl, and have always loved the stars. I wanted to be an astronomer when I was little, until further realization of how much math is required for that.

One of my favorite quotes is, “I have loved the stars too fondly to be fearful of the night.” I think stars are so beautiful, and that we get to look upon them from down here is amazing.

You don’t have to travel, all you have to do is step outside and I love that.

My advice for anyone during this wonderful season is to watch more sunsets than Netflix, and enjoy this time of freedom with the people you love.

by Maddy Daniels