Spring break itinerary full with fun

At long, long, long last, it is spring break for North Park! I wouldn?t typically make a ?days until freedom? paper chain countdown, but I had an exceptionally insane few weeks before midterms and it needed to be done.

My brain felt like it was melting and I was beginning to lose sanity. Sometimes making crafts from my childhood keeps me from turning into a crazed monster, which would have been bad news for everybody. We even pretended to have a ?Barney Bag.?

Now I?m temporarily free from the terrors of college academics and get to kick it solo in Chicago for 10 days. I?ve got no real plans and will be by myself, which probably seems strange to anyone who knows me.

I am usually surrounded by people and going from one thing straight to the next. Given the insane pace of the past month or so, though, I?m so grateful for a week free of obligations.

So far, I?ve been to one amazing concert (Matthew Santos and Trevor Hall; I would highly recommend Googling them because they are incredible musicians) and am headed to another on Wednesday.

I?ve booked a few baby-sitting jobs and am trying not to kill my friends? pets: three fish and a cat. I didn?t really consider the whole ?felines eat fish? thing, so hopefully Bill, Hillary (the Clintons, of course) and Lion make it out alive.

I also made a giant list (I adore lists) of things to do if I get bored. It contains 36 items, so I think I?m set for the week. I?ll probably end up scratching everything on that list, though, because about 10 minutes ago I learned something amazing.

Starting this week, Nickelo?deon is going to air brand new episodes of some of my favorite childhood cartoons: ?Hey Arnold,? ?Doug? and ?Rocket Power.? This is seriously too good to be true!