Spread love as a gift to others this season

The carols, the glowing store windows, laughs during a snowball fight; people are happy at Christmas time. There is a sense of hope and a lighter mood in the air. You can’t help but really love this time of year.

I know I am excited when December rolls around. Christmas movies, no school and sleeping in is about to be my life for the next two weeks.

It’s funny how it takes a holiday to make people act and feel how they should every day of the year. The world unfortunately will always be filled with negativity. But I have eminently felt that there has been a plethora of hate and sadness recently. All I see on the news when we watch at school is bombings, acts of terrorism, threats of war.

Around Christmas time it’s easier to ignore that negativity, and easier to see how the world could change. People are giving and selfless during the holidays. We put the extra effort into really thinking about the people we love and what makes them happy.

But why can’t we do that every day? The world needs hope and love, and why only in December do we spread that? The world could really change if people were simply kind, and spread love. If we weren’t so focused on who should be allowed to love whom, we could spread love to anyone and everyone.

Smile at the person walking past you in the hall. Genuinely ask how someone is doing. Being aware of the people in your surroundings could really make someone’s day.

Our struggle to celebrate one another is difficult as a human being. We envy others when they succeed, but sigh in despair when we see someone failing. I admit I am not always the best at paying attention to my surroundings, but if we made the same effort every day that we did around Christ­mas, the world could be a much better place.

Even if it’s just the environment at you school, in your town, or in your county.

There’s a way to make every day special. The same magic that’s in the air during the holiday season could be felt all the time. And not just for everyone around you, for yourself, too. It can be seen as selfish and vain, but self-love is just as important as loving other people.

Take time for yourself to be happy. We have one life, why not enjoy it? Decorate your house as cozy as possible, have a bath with some candles, read a good book, write down something good that happened in your day. Put a sticky note with a nice quote on your mirror. If you look at yourself and see that quote every day, you’ll start to believe it.

So what am I suggesting we need to make the feeling of the holidays last all year round? More love. More kindness. More effort spent on the people we love, but also more effort spent on ourselves.

And of course, the whole reason we celebrate Christ­mas. The birth of Jesus is enough to fill our hearts with joy and faith 365 days a year.

Maddy Daniels is a sophomore at Hillsboro High School.

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