Senioritis a debilitating affliction

I?ve been trying to put this column together for five days now and still have no idea what I?m going to write about. Somehow, every time I sit at the computer to start brainstorming I end up on Facebook, looking for new music or shopping for things I?ll never have the money to buy.

Finally, after wasting a disgusting amount of time and reaching a productivity level of ZERO, I?ve realized I just need to make myself sit down and write. I?m not going to let myself do anything else until this is finished. I don?t even have Facebook open!

That?s actually untrue. Wait.... OK, NOW it?s not open.

I think my nauseating lack of motivation is a result of Senior?itis. I?m well aware that I?m only a quarter of the way through my senior year and most students don?t ?get? this until second semester (my parents always tell me I?m an overachiever), but it?s definitely a huge problem. defines Senioritis this way: ?A crippling disease that strikes high school seniors. Symptoms include laziness, the excessive wearing of sweatpants, a lack of studying, repeated absences and a generally dismissive attitude.?

This is DEFINITELY me right now.

Everything I do is just a big shortcut?that is, if I?m even able to acquire the inspiration to do anything at all.

I shower at night to make my morning routine a little more speedy: wake up at 8, throw on whatever sweats and hoodie stick out among the sea of clothing suffocating my floor (if there still is one?. I haven?t seen it in quite awhile), shove down a granola bar while I furiously pedal my dad?s bike to school (which has flat tires because I?m too lazy to ride the three blocks to Ampride for free air) and stumble into class just seconds before the 8:30 tardy bell.

Impressive, I know.

While I do find it a little humorous to comment on all of the things I am only half-doing in my life, it?s excruciating to think of doing this for the next seven months. Last year, I spent a lot of time on schoolwork and felt really good about getting a top grade on a test.

I?m not going to lie?. This year, I don?t really care.

I have the determination to not let my grades fall drastically, but completing assignments well ahead of time just isn?t something I have the motivation to do. I?d rather sleep. Or Facebook. Or hang out at a friend?s house. Or lay around and do nothing.

Basically, I?m up for anything as long as it doesn?t include schoolwork.

Not only does this apathetic routine leave me dragging and feeling like I?m barely keeping up with life, but it doesn?t give me any incentive to try. If I have the capability of getting a decent grade on something when I just slop it together the day it?s due, why put any more effort into it ahead of time?

I know this is a terrible way of thinking (last year?s ?Abi? would HATE me), but I can?t seem to escape it! I NEED A CURE!

I guess teachers could just stop assigning homework so I wouldn?t feel bad about not doing it. But actually, maybe that?s a bad plan. I?d be dumb and everyone at college would laugh at my astounding lack of knowledge.

I could cancel my Facebook account and dedicate two hours an evening to homework, instead. Who am I kidding? I don?t need anything that drastic. I?m not addicted to Facebook. The Internet window isn?t open again?.

Anyway. This column isn?t about my personal problems, so I?m just going to move on.

As badly as I want a cure for Senioritis, I?m too lazy to find one. It?s just this vicious cycle: I need a cure for being lazy, but I?m to lazy to find one; being lazy makes me tired, and then I?m too tired to do anything?. Ahh!

Maybe the only cure for Senioritis is graduation. Maybe I?ll just suffer until May. I hope not, but until I figure something out, I?ll just be Facebooking my life away.

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