Puppies, entertainment, and school updates

In puppy news: Today, the 25th of August, is my puppy Rynn’s 1st birthday! It’s been so fun to see her personality come out and to see her grow and change. When we first got her she was timid and scared. She’s now a boisterous little pup who loves to play and bug her older sister and makes me laugh every day.

She barks at herself in mirrors, loves to play fetch, will lick any part of you she can, and will eat anything she can fit in her mouth, including rocks. She has a big personality for her tiny morkie body. Something she does that makes our whole family laugh is when she gets a drink from her water bowl, she lays down and puts her entire face in it. Sometimes she’ll blow bubbles in there too.

We have a doggie “birthday girl” bandana that she got to wear today and it was too adorable, but of course, she wanted to tear it off. This is funny because last month was our other dog Molly’s birthday, and when she got to wear the special bandana Rynn was VERY jealous. She tried to rip it off of her, and when I was taking Molly’s picture Rynn photobombed every one.

She is a jealous dog in general. Anytime she isn’t getting the attention she knows she deserves, you’ll hear about it. When we pet Molly, she’ll jump on her, lick us, bite us, and then Molly gets annoyed and leaves. Mission accomplished for Rynn. She also rolls over on her back every single time someone walks past her without fail, just waiting for a belly rub. And she’s too cute to ignore, so obviously, she gets her way.

Entertainment news: A show I’ve been loving on Netflix is Chilling Adventures of Sabrina. It’s a remake of Sabrina the Teenage Witch, and I watched that show when I was little, so when I saw this I was pumped. There are some definite differences between the sitcom and this new version.

Essentially the remake is a horror show. It’s a lot darker and has more drama. The cat Salem doesn’t talk like in the original, which I was thoroughly disappointed about, but oh well.

The show isn’t really set in a definitive time period either. The fashion and some of the technology seems to be ‘60s or ‘70s, but people also have iPhones and laptops. There are scary scenes and gore, spooky music, but also themes of feminism, family, and romance. I absolutely love it and highly recommend.

School news: There is a new schedule at school this year that is being tried out. On Wednesdays and Thursdays, we have a block schedule, and the other days will be normal. On Wednesdays we have our odd-numbered classes, and even-numbered classes are on Thursdays.

The classes will be 90 minutes on those days, but it is kind of the same thing as just having 45-minute classes every day. So we aren’t getting more time in the class per week, just more time in the day.

It’s confusing, but I’m keeping an open mind and I hope that it works out well. Senior year is nerve-racking as it is, so I hope the schedule won’t be an added stress factor.

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