Outcry concert was an inspiring event

Last Friday, I attended my first concert. I went to Outcry with my youth group, which is a few worship bands that tour together and they came to Wichita. I wasn’t familiar with any of the bands, but I came out loving their songs and have been listening since.

I had such a great time there. Most of my friends attend the same youth group I do, and we always have such a fun time. A lot of them are seniors, so I am really glad I got to share this experience with them before they graduate.

All the general concert things I had never really seen before in person were really cool. All the lights and people and the great sound; it was amazing. But the atmosphere of all these hundreds of people that came here to worship God all in one room was just so incredible to think about. Spending my night with my friends and hundreds of believers was so special.

My favorite band of the night was Elevated Worship. I loved how much energy they brought on stage. I absolutely loved their songs. “Here as in Heaven” and “Resurrecting” are my favorites. I just resonated with the lyrics so much and the music is so good.

I would just stop sometimes and see everyone worshiping Jesus and singing along all together; it was great. We were all strangers to each other but we all know God, and he loves us all and it was so special.

A funny but almost unfortunate thing happened at the concert. Before the show started, I went and bought a shirt from one of the merchant tables. My first mistake: spending $45 on it. My second mistake was buying a white shirt. And finally my third mistake: I put it under my seat during the concert so it wouldn’t get stepped on and get dirty.

At the end of the night, I reached under my chair to grab it and went on my way to the parking lot. My friends wanted to see what I bought, so I unfolded it. And to my horror, it had a huge brown splotch on the front! A mysterious substance that was under my chair had ruined my new shirt!

I was very upset. As soon as I got home I put stain remover on it, and proceeded to wash it three times. God was on my side because it came out. Hooray!

Another funny moment was when we were all leaving the stadium and trying to round up everyone outside in the freezing cold. We thought everyone was together, so off we went to the car.

Then we spot half our group up ahead along with our pastor, Sarah Jo. Bless her heart, she couldn’t find the rest of us so she is running ahead trying to get us, and here we are running behind her yelling and trying to catch up. She then goes, “You all are lucky. They only things I will run for is Jesus and you.”

On a serious note, I have grown so much in my faith this past year and it’s been so wonderful, especially getting to do it alongside my closest friends. God has brought me so much closer to my peers and my relationship with him continues to grow and grow.

Maddy Daniels is a sophomore at Hillsboro High School.

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