Nothing like a dose of Hallmark hope

I trudge into my room after a long day of learning and working. After throwing my bag down on my bed, I immediately grab the TV remote and flick on the Hallmark Channel.

This has become a routine that I perform almost subconsciously some days.

Watching Hallmark Channel movies has become a new form of entertainment for my roommate and me, especially now during the Christmas season. Most of the time, that entertainment isn?t found in a compelling storyline or relatable characters. It?s found in the times that we look at each other and burst out laughing at the absurd situations and characters in the movies.

Hallmark movies are just so cheesy and so easy to make fun of. How can you not laugh at a woman trekking through deep snow in a wedding dress straight out of the ?80s because she gets stuck in a snowstorm in only a tank top and shorts?

And how can you not mock the unoriginal plot of a girl being dumped right before Christmas, hiring a stranger to play her boyfriend at the family get-together, and ultimately falling in love with said stranger? (Probably half of the Christmas movies on Hallmark have some variation of this plot).

Hallmark movies aren?t very realistic either. The percent of situations that take place in Hallmark movies that actually occur in real life is probably very slim. People fall in love (and in a few movies even get married) after knowing each other for only a few days or weeks. Any problem that existed in the movie is nicely solved by the end. The plots don?t reflect how real life works.

Despite the cheesiness and unrealistic plots of these movies, I can?t help but have a soft spot in my heart for them. They are predictable, but, in a way, refreshing. I can sit down to watch a Hallmark movie and know that the ending will be happy and hopeful.

I think that?s why people like me keep on coming back to Hallmark?s cheesy dialogue and overused plots, especially during Christmas?time. Hallmark captures the magical side of Christmas: the hope and happy endings of such a festive time of year.

Instead of relating to the plotlines or the characters, we relate to the feelings. The movies stir up sometimes forgotten memories: the pain of lost relationships, the hope of new beginnings and second chances, the faith in something bigger than ourselves, and the love our hearts are capable of.

In Hallmark movies, love wins.

Hallmark movies are proof that the human race is desperate for hope and love. It?s fitting that they are so popular during Christmas, because Christmas is when we celebrate the story of hope and love that is far better than anything Hallmark could even begin to come up with. A story of a baby boy who ultimately saves mankind. A story of a heavenly Father who loves his children so much that he sent his only son into the world to ultimately die the death they deserve.

While Hallmark captures the hope and love of the holiday season, the only way to fully experience those feelings is to embrace the ultimate ?Hallmark? story.

Bailey Kaufman is a student at Tabor College this fall. She can be reached at

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