How unpredictable and ridiculous can life be?

So let?s talk about how unpredictable and ridiculous this thing called ?life? can be. Not five hours after submitting my last column (which left me pretty drained, emotionally), I blew out my knee at my intramural volleyball game. Now I?m home of the summer and just had surgery. One thing after another. Awesome, I know. I was excited, too.

For those who aren?t on board with my sarcasm, of course I didn?t want my summer plans (which totally rocked) to be completely blown to bits by this stupid catastrophe.

Maybe ?catastrophe? is a little dramatic, but this injury has wreaked havoc on my summer 2010 dream. I had already paid rent for the apartment two friends and I were going to live in, and I was going to take three awesome classes over the course of the summer and make bank babysitting.

It seemed like the perfect plan, and I was even moved into my apartment. I guess I should get used to that not existing.

I don?t have a bad attitude about being in Hillsboro for the summer?it just isn?t what I was expecting and had my heart set on. I?m ready for it to be good but different.

If any of you have any sitting-down or at-home work?like random office stuff or something?that you need done, let me know. I?m pretty unemployed. And by ?pretty? I mean ?completely.?

On the bright side, being crippled has enabled me to watch five seasons of ?Lost? in about three weeks. I know this is amazing, no need to tell me. It might sound a little silly, but having such a solid distraction has helped me transition to home when I really wasn?t expecting to. Also I am just in love with everything about this show. Start watching it! All the episodes are available to watch instantly on

Another sad thing, though, (other than the fact that by the time you read this ?Lost? will be over?forever) is that, since I?m watching roughly six hours a day, I feel like ?Lost? actually is my life. And then I?m really disappointed when I realize that my life consists of nothing more than icing my knee and Facebooking and petting my dog, Coaley, and eating yogurt (peach, please).

I talk about ?Lost? at the dinner table like the characters are my best friends. I bring up ?Lost? when friends from home ask what?s new in my life. I think that everyone I see looks like a ?Lost? character, and, on the airplane home from school, I even picked out which people would fulfill which ?Lost? roles if our plane crashed (because clearly there are so many islands between Chicago and Hillsboro, just waiting to host a planeful of survivors with daddy-issues).

I dream about ?Lost? a lot, too: either I am on the island as a character, or the characters join me in Kansas and make appearances in my daily life.

For example, Sawyer brought me my pain medication a few days ago, and another time I was running through the jungle while Smokey chased me, but then I hid in a teepee made of purple corduroy.

Sometimes Jack is in love with me (I wish, oh my gosh), but it?s then most evident that my dream is, in fact, just a dream. Sad.

I?ve also stocked up on ?Lost? reading material (Lostpedia, which is online, and various magazine articles and blogs), which will hopefully sustain me until I can become extensively and exclusively emotionally involved in another television series.

I really hope my ?Lost? withdrawals aren?t as serious as the ones I experienced when I finished the last Harry Potter book?. I can only cry myself to sleep over a wizard and an owl for so many nights in a row before it gets unreasonably unhealthy.

Feel free to nurse my broken heart?if Jack stays on the island without Kate I may lose it?and broken knee by bringing me wheat-free snacks and entertaining movies and, of course, your wonderful company!

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