Horizons-At last, freedom from schoolwork

So I?m pretty excited right now. I?m having a tough time sitting still as I?m writing this because I want so badly to be watching ?Scrubs? (my favorite TV show ever), or fishing, or watching ?The Little Mermaid,? or playing Nertz (a really wild card game), or sleeping, or coloring in my ?Finding Nemo? coloring book or anything that has nothing to do with writing (and therefore school).

Could this be evidence of ADD, or am I just excited about school being out?

Summer is here! I think I?m just excited about summer.

All right, you may be wondering what the big hype of summer is to a teenager?since, according to my mom, anyway, after the initial two weeks all the excitement wears off and we sit around whining and complaining about being bored.

Well, mostly we?re just relieved to be through with school for a few months.

Personally, I?m looking forward to not studying/cramming for eight tests, reading a book, writing a book reflection, writing a research paper, and memorizing tons of Spanish vocabu?lary in a two-day period.

But for the next three months, I?m totally free. Well, sort of. This summer I?m planning on playing lots of basketball, weightlifting, fishing, watching ?Scrubs,? swimming, and just hanging out with my friends without the constant stress of schoolwork looming over me.

I may have been slightly exaggerating earlier about how much I had to do?eight tests in two days?but it just seems that more and more each day there just aren?t enough hours to adequately juggle my social events with my church events with my sporting events with my homework with my regular household responsibilities?and I don?t even have a job. Ahh!

Speaking of not having a job, I am constantly being made fun of from my friends about being too young to have a job, but I do enjoy earning some extra cash by babysitting. I?ll be gone on some trips periodically throughout this summer, but when I?m around I?m hoping to do some babysitting (Call me!).

I have a newfound respect for my fellow students who can successfully balance homework, sports, youth group and other various extracurricular activities with their job.

For next year, I already have said ?no? to a lot of things I enjoy doing because I?m simply doing too much. For example, I am hoping to participate in a program sponsored by our denominational seminary called Ministry Quest (in which Whitney Allen participated this year).

Ministry Quest is all about discovering God?s call for your life and becoming a servant leader. I?m planning on it being a life-changing experience, but I will get out of it what I put in. If I skimp on my time with my mentor or am in some other way not all-in, it will end up being a waste of how monumental it?s meant to be.

That may mean less time on Facebook and more time doing my homework to catch up on some school I?ll miss?.

While I?ll be really excited about school-supply shopping when August rolls around, I?m going to have to face full sports practices, decision making, and just the general things that come with ?getting back into the school routine.?

As much as I love the pointy-ness of pencils and smoothness of new folders, I think right now I would prefer to just enjoy my summer while it lasts, and deal with all that later.

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