Haunted house experience a first

Halloween is here! This is my favorite time of year. Scary movies have forever been my thing, but I’ve always kept the monsters in the T.V. screen. This year I finally had the chance to live it.

I attended my first haunted house this fall! I’ve been longing for this experience for a few years now, but I could never find anyone who was up to going with me. This year though, two of my close friends Callie and Mallory decided they wanted to join me on the adventure.

As we set off heading for the Haunted Cannery and Insane Asylum in Burns, the three of us had nerves of excitement and apprehension. We listened to my Halloween playlist of, “This is Halloween,” and “Ghost Busters.” As we neared our destination, unfortunately I missed my turn, so I turned into the nearest driveway. As I pulled in, my headlights shone on what I thought was just a rock, but no, we had made a wrong turn into a graveyard. This night was off to a great start.

Once arriving to the correct place, we boarded the tractor trailer for the ride out to the haunted attraction along with the other thrill-seekers. The three of us were already clinging to each other for safety, and to make matters worse, a clown hopped on the back of our ride. I might also add he was wearing a ghillie suit. It was quite the outfit. Thankfully he passed us as he was making his rounds getting everyone ready for the scares.

We then stopped at a large building and barn. As we got off the trailer, we were greeted by smoke and flashing lights, as well as a few other clowns. We all gathered around to hear what the creepy monsters had to say. While this was happening, one of the clowns had walked around behind us, and got in Mallory’s face and calmly said, “Boo.” She dropped to the ground in fetal position screaming. I didn’t think she was going to make it.

The clowns directed us into the asylum, and as I entered, my heart was racing and my stomach had butterflies. As we walked in, a woman was sitting on the ground covered in blood, and was playing with a goopy red mess that she then threw at me. As I kept walking, I was between my friends grasping their hands. We came around the corner and it was pitch black, with nothing but strobe lights to guide the way along the narrow path. There were entrails hanging from the ceiling and girls screaming for help behind cages. As I passed an operating table covered in body parts, I felt a hand from under the table grab at my feet. I screamed so loud and ran through the rest of the asylum.

Then we crossed a small field and entered the Cannery. Thankfully we ended up in a group with a very nice couple that helped lead us through the whole time. We rounded the corner and sat down on a bench with a table right up next to us. It had a pumpkin overflowing guts, along with a dead woman. Then out of nowhere, a man with a chainsaw came running towards us, banging it on the table. Of course we got up and ran the other way, into a completely dark corridor. I could feel things hanging above me hitting my head, but I didn’t dare look up. We kept going, and the whole time it was up and down, up and down stairs. There was someone in a terrifying costume around every corner that chased us. We arrived at a stark black hallway of doors to choose from. We must have picked the correct one first try because I heard one of the actors complaining. We went up more stairs, and when I realized the way down was a slide, I almost ran the other way; who knew what was at the bottom?

The next section was Freddy Kruger, standing at the entryway, clinking his knives together. I leaned my head into my friend just hoping he wouldn’t touch me. Next, scooting single file down a wall, in front of me was a wire fence being struck, causing flying sparks. At that point I was just hoping my hair wasn’t going to catch fire. More clowns with chain saws chased us onto a very rickety bridge. Their friends were waiting on either side as an extremely loud horn blared. There were people popping out of the ceiling, a guy covering in plastic writhing on the floor, and a headless man swinging from the ceiling. I realized at this point I was grinning and laughing; I was honestly having the time of my life. The journey was almost over, and the exit was one more slide. I hopped down screaming, and once out I realized I was drenched in sweat and exhausted. My friends and I took some photos with our new spooky friends, and thanked the nice couple for leading us through. All I want now is to go back.

Happy Halloween everyone! Come find me (Alice) and my boyfriend the Mad Hatter uptown on Halloween to say hello and collect some candy!

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