Except about Justin Bieber, ideas slow to come

I?m not going to lie, I don?t feel like I have a single idea worth writing about this week. In comparison to my most recent column about ?caring,? which felt like a small breakthrough in terms of processing my continual growth, nothing feels print-worthy.

Only a week into this semester?s classes, I?ve already learned an unbelievable amount of new information. This is exciting for me, but I?m not yet to the point in which I can articulate my findings in an interesting way. Stay tuned for many a column about issues concerning ?Gender and Justice,? which is easily my favorite class thus far.

How silly is this: Three writing-centric classes this semester, and I still can?t seem to effectively generate ideas. Ridiculous! With that said, prepare for a potentially staggering amount of randomness as I purge my overloaded mind of various thoughts and anecdotes.

About 20 minutes ago, I sent a mass text message to more than 17 of my friends, begging for column topic suggestions. Some of the results are interesting enough to note.

A few of the topic ideas I received were: ?The Twin Cities underground rap scene? (because this Kansan obviously has an extensive knowledge of it), a comprehensive, detailed look into the life of one of your leg hairs (What?!) and ?your guilty pleasures, AKA your ridiculous obsession with Justin Bieber.?

Thanks for the ideas, my wonderful friends (three of you mentioned Justin Bieber?you know me so well), but allow me to clarify: My obsession with him is absolutely not ridiculous and definitely does not produce feelings of guilt. He is so talented and amazing!

I feel like everybody hates on this internationally famous, teenage pop star because he has a higher voice than the typical 16-year-old boy. Well you know what, so did Michael Jackson, and everybody loved him.

Yes, I just compared Justin Bieber to Michael Jackson. I suppose I should be ready to take a lot of heat for that one.

But seriously, I love Justin?s music. I would not put myself in the same category as his millions of screaming, shrieking, die-hard tween fans, though. I do not desire to marry him or bare his children, nor would I sacrifice mozzarella sticks for a year to see him in concert.

OK, that last one is false. I totally would do that. Justin Bieber trumps mozzarella sticks, every time.

While I?m writing about music, I?d like to mention Trevor Hall. This singer/songwriter?s summery, acoustic style has been compared to both Jack Johnson and Bob Marley. Cool mixture, huh?

My awesome new roommate, Chelsey (Kellie is studying in Ecuador this semester), loves his music, too. I?m not even exaggerating, the last three days we have listened to nothing but Trevor Hall. It?s been glorious and surprisingly uplifting.

Currently, my favorite song of his is ?Unity,? which he co-wrote and recorded with Jewish rapper Matisyahu (told you, this guy is all over the place). Hall possesses a Pluralistic worldview, which he communicates through most of his songs. For example, ?Whatever your approaching dance or meditation/If you got love along, then you shall reach the station.?

I don?t necessarily buy his ?so many rivers, but they all reach the sea? view of religion, but I so appreciate his lyrical appeal for peace and love: ?Love all, serve all, and create no sorrow,? and ?No more you and me, no more they and we, just unity.?

I could go on forever, but instead I?m just going to suggest that you check him out for yourself. His style is really chill and mellow, definitely easy listening. I?d recommend ?Unity? (featuring Matisyahu), ?The Lime Tree,? ?Parachutes,? and ?Where?s the Love??

This column didn?t end up quite as random as I feared it might, but for those of you who look forward to more intellectual and reflective content, stick around. Eventually, I?ll sure I?ll have some quasi-coherent, ?column-worthy? thoughts to share.

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