College begins with a lot of big changes

During this time of year, change is pretty common. Stu?dents from kindergarten to high school switch from summer to school routines, the air becomes cooler and leaves change colors. Change has also been the theme of my life in the last month. To get an idea of what I am talking about, here is a brief overview of the last five weeks of my life.

I moved to the University of Missouri to begin college in mid-August. While there, I realized it was not where I wanted to be. I cried more than I ever have before, barely ate anything and had a horrible feeling in my stomach.

After talking to several people, I knew for sure that I had made a mistake. My family drove back up to Columbia and I packed my things back up and went home. Within a week, I was enrolled in K-State and moved to Manhattan just in time for classes to start. K-State even reissued a huge scholarship I had given up this spring.

In only one month, I feel like I?ve been through more change than I ever have before: physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Through all of this change, I have learned a lot, too.

I discovered a little bit more of who I really am. As exciting and eventful as a successful career in broadcast journalism would be, I don?t want to have to compromise my values to try to make it to the top. In all of my fantasizing over working for a big news network in New York City, I think I forgot what my strengths really are.

The main reason I chose Missouri was for its television station and hands-on experience in journalism. Now that I?m attending K-State, though, I?m able to explore what I?d really like to do with my future.

While I?m still majoring in journalism, I?m leaning toward print or possibly public relations. I am also considering a double major in secondary education, something I would have never considered had I stayed at Missouri.

When I think of a future as a high school journalism teacher or newspaper or book editor, I feel a sense of contentment and peace that I never had when thinking of working for the ?Today? show (although I still watch it every morning).

Through this whole crazy, emotional experience, the biggest lesson I learned, though, was how blessed I am by my family and friends. Even though I shouldn?t have been, I was so nervous about how people would think of me when they heard I changed colleges after only a week.

But everyone who heard about my situation was so supportive. I received several texts from friends and family telling me they were praying for me and I felt so loved. Hearing my family?s happiness over having me closer to home made me feel dumb for ever thinking I should have left. My family and friends have made this time of my life much easier.

College is still a big change, and even though I am much happier at K-State, it is still a big adjustment in general. It has surprised me how many people remember having a rough freshman year of college. It?s new, scary, exciting, overwhelming and a bit intimidating all at the same time.

Change will always be a part of life, but hopefully I won?t have to go through as much change as I have this month for a very long time.

My theme song lately has been Mandisa?s ?Over?comer.? I hope anyone going through change or hardship right now knows that they are not alone and focuses on her lyrics: ?Don?t quit, don?t give in: you?re an overcomer.?

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