Hillsboro resident offers reasons for county administrator

Marion County Commissioners:
I am fully supportive of the creation of a position for Administrator and here is why:
Over the last number of years it has been increasingly obvious that our elected officials neither have the time or ability to capably lead Marion County through the process of government. Much of the inability to govern comes from the lack of educated leadership along with the desire to not lose power or money. This is not a knock against our elected officials but a statement of how hard it is to be an expert at something you don’t do on a regular basis.
So what things would an administrator do?
1. An administrator removes the need for constant discussion of county employees and their salaries in open meeting.
2. You will be able to adjust meeting times more than likely to just 2 meetings per month. Also, you more than likely will also limit those meeting to less than 3 hours regularly.
3. This can be a net neutral cost to the county. The commissioners required pay will diminish due to less meeting time and therefore much less pay in fact a simple per diem is sufficient and common. You can also eliminate the need for CPA services to set up your budget. These two things can give you upwards of $100 K cash in your hands almost immediately
The elimination of hiring consultants also should be on the wane with an administrator.
4. You can hire someone with expertise to lead you through discussions. They can give you advice on taxation, can prioritize projects, they can create budgets, they can do HR where it needs to be done (behind closed doors). They understand KOMA and legal issues and know when you need help with either one.
5. By allowing an administrator to take several things completely away, the elected leadership can focus on infrastructure and public safety which really is the core of what you are elected to do. The commission needs to spend more time thinking about a strategic plan. Right now, they can only put out the fires by squirting money at something. There is no plan!
As to each of you as commissioners:
Why don’t you want something that can move Marion County out of our continual stagnation?
The definition of insanity is doing things over again the same way while expecting a different result. We need to do it different!

Kevin Suderman


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