Finding time with family a challenge, worth it

Quality family time use to be, and really still is, super important to me and my family. But sadly, it’s quite a battle to find time for family these days. For one, we have a family of six, so finding a day or time that works for every single one of us is a challenge already. But on top of that, three of us are teenagers so we’ve had to deal with a good amount of homework and other school responsibilities these past few years, which makes this so much harder.

When all of us were younger and not as busy, we would eat every meal together and go on family outings every of other week. And at the time, I found it annoying and unnecessary. I took it for granted. Then something terrible happened, we grew up.

We grew up and ran out of time. We rarely even eat all together because during the week we are all so busy. I mean as soon as my brother gets home from practice, I have to leave for rehearsal. And that’s not only the days we have school either. One of us always seems to have something that takes up our Saturdays.

Even when we do finally have some free time, we are very quick to fill up that time with friends or other things before our family even has a chance to schedule something together.

We didn’t even realize how hard it was to get us all together for a day until we tried to plan a trip to the pumpkin patch this weekend. My whole family loves fall and this sounded like an amazing idea. My mom especially was super excited.

She did a good amount of research to find the best possible pumpkin patch for my family to go to.

She ended up choosing P&M’s Pumpkin Patch, which was just outside of Moundridge, Kansas.

I wasn’t necessarily not excited to go, but as I was scheduling other things for the next few weeks and realizing how busy the following week would be, I couldn’t help but wish I had the full weekend to be productive. I began to make a mental list of everything I wanted to get done this weekend ,and I realized that I could get a lot more accomplished if I didn’t go. But I knew this was important to my mom so I made it work.

And I am so thankful I did. We had the most amazing time. We climbed an obstacle course, rode around a trail on these karts, played on jumping pads, and picked out some awesome pumpkins.

We also took a whole bunch of pictures, ate way too much kettle corn, and laughed until we were crying.

The whole day was a wonderful break from reality. While we were together, it didn’t matter what our grades were or how messy our rooms were or how big the pile of laundry sitting at home was. We put all problems, stressors, and to-do lists aside and just enjoyed the day. It had been so long since we all got to do that.

These are the people that have known me longer than anyone.

They know more of my secrets than anyone and love me nonetheless. They deserve a lot more time than I’ve been able to give them recently. Not only do they deserve it, but I want to give it to them. These people truly are my favorite people in the world.

Sarah Paulus is a high school student at Hillsboro High School.

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