Have you ever wondered?

Does anybody else think the English language is worth saving? Grammar, I mean. Once again, I find myself feeling like the Lone Ranger when it comes to attempting to teach my students to speak correctly, especially when it comes to pronouns. Who is out there telling youngsters that a “person” can be a “they”?

Does anybody else wonder why gas prices seem to go up immediately when an incident occurs in the Middle East, but it takes months for the cost of a gallon of fuel to go down when things settle?

Does anybody else believe Democrats are making a mistake with this impeachment bid? It’s not that this president has done nothing wrong. But, it is obvious that the Senate will not vote to oust him. So, what’s the point? So long as he doesn’t get us all blown up, I’d rather just wait a year and give him a proper send-off. Here’s hoping the electoral college does not let us down again.

Does anybody else think it is time for the SEC to get over its football self?

Does anybody else still hold a grudge against Fox announcer Joe Buck for his treatment of the Royals in 2014 and 2015? His voice still makes my skin crawl.

Does anybody else wonder why we have to change our clocks twice a year? Sure, we kind of like “falling back.” “Springing forward,” is an altogether different matter. Does anybody really know what time it is? Does anybody really care?

Does anybody else watch “Poldark” on PBS, sitting on the edge of your seat, not knowing whether you really want to know what happens in the final season? The Cornwall scenery alone is worth the ride.

Does anybody else think all this movement toward streaming TV services is a bad idea? First of all, my internet is not reliable enough or powerful enough to ensure a smooth viewing experience. Secondly, many of these shows are peppered with annoying commercials, typically the same two or three shown over and over. Give me a satellite and a DVR every time.

Does anybody else agree that names for drugs are becoming more and more ridiculous?

Does anybody else find it harder and harder to trust directions from a GPS unit? How about Google Maps?

Does anybody else have concerns about how much of our personal data seems to be floating around in cyberspace? Does anybody else think it’s creepy when ads are targeted specifically to you based on your browsing history? Does anybody else think “cookies” is too nice a name for the kind of manipulations that occur when you allow them?

Does anybody else wonder why the Chinese are so good at table tennis?

Does anybody else shake your head at the pickleball craze? Does anybody else remember when racquetball was a craze, and communities everywhere built courts? Whatever happened to that sport? Will pickleball suffer the same fate?

Does anybody else marvel that there is a professional “cornhole” league? The American Cornhole Organization is apparently headquartered in Milford, Ohio.

Does anybody else hope allowing college athletes to earn money from endorsements might keep them in school longer before they take flight to professional careers?

Does anybody else remember the birth of Sesame Street 50 years ago? Is anybody else frightened by that realization? Today some incarnation of the show is seen in more than 150 countries.

Does anybody else wish Kansas weather was a bit less fickle? An excess of summer rain has turned into a drought. This fall, we have flip-flopped between record low temperatures and spring-like days. As Kansans, we have to be ready for anything. Does anybody else fear that this is what our future has in store for us?