Greetings from down south

I’m afraid I have some VERY BAD NEWS (ha!) for you. We are going south for the winter, actually we will have already gone by the time you read this. Nancy was talking to our kids when they here in July and was talking to the, about how she was planning to get some help with him after COVID. Amy said that they had a better idea, we should come stay with them for a while. We’re not moving there but looking to spending more time with family. They closed on a newer house just before COVID hit. It has more square feet and is all on one level.

We plan to switch all my medical needs to the Emory health system. It is only 16 minutes from the house, instead of a five hour round trip to KUMC.

Dan flew into Wichita on Aug 27 from Seattle. He loaded our car and drove it to Atlanta. We had planned to arrive in Atlanta about the same time. We have seen both kids two months in a row now.

I nominate Dorie Thiessen as the Bierroch Queen and Tim Unruh of Rhubarb Market as Peach Pie King. My taste buds were treated to both items just before we left.

I think it would it would be cool if some of the young people on Main Street would organize a photoshoot of local people over the age of 60 for posterity. We had a similar photo in our Hillsboro Heritage Photo book which the Free Press published in 2004.

There were three people who went to a newspaper convention. One was a sportswriter, one wrote features and one was a managing editor. One night at the convention, a genie appeared and said they each had one wish. The sportswriter wished for a sportscar in a warm climate and plenty of money, the feature writer wished for plenty of money to go shopping, the managing editor wished for them to both come back to work because they had to put out a paper in ten hours.

One of the neatest ideas I have seen is the “Spray and Play” water fun with the fire truck. I couldn’t get out there fast enough to take part.

I was deeply honored to receive the Gaston Outstanding Mentor Award from the Kansas Press Association during its virtual convention. Thanks to Joey Young for accepting the award on my behalf.

This guy goes to a psychiatrist who tells him he is crazy. The guy says ” I would like a second opinion.” The psychiatrist says,” Okay, you’re ugly too!”

There should be an age limit for appearing in a political advertisement. Bob Dole had reached the limit I think. My brother met him in 1968. Mark was working at the Star-Journal and he thought Dole was already old then.

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