Get the most out of your day?

?Daily routine: Wake up. Be fabulous all day. Go back to bed.? ?ILIKEITFUNNY.COM

Sometimes you stumble across an idea that makes you go ?a-ha!? I did this, and then in typical fashion, proceeded to beat it death.

The idea was a blog post titled, ?Make Your Bed (Plus six other things you should do every day).? I?m all for checking things off of lists, real or virtual, in the name of starting the day feeling accomplished, so this list drifted right into my ?I gotta do this? file.

The seven things were: make your bed (because it takes 30 seconds and it?s mindless), floss (obvious reasons), go outside (vitamin D), make physical contact (for happiness), have quiet time (for sanity), do something fun (for your emotional state) and be active (for all the rest of the good things.)

These all seem logical. Simple, too. And since I already do all of them some of the time, it would be that much better if I actually did every one of them every single day. And if seven things made a difference, well, could there be eight? Could there be more?

Could I, oh, I don?t know…have the best day of my life every day, no matter what happens?

Enter blog post No. 2 titled: ?How to have the best day of your life (no matter what happens.)?

Why not expand it and learn even more simple habits I could incorporate into my daily routine to make life easier. Problem indicator No. 1: It took seven complete iPad scrolls to get to number 22 (yes, 22) at the bottom of the list.

Here?s the rundown: Get up at 5 a.m., say something like ?this will be the best day ever,? give thanks, eat a piece of fruit, read a daily inspiration, meditate, journal, write a gratitude list, say positive affirmations out loud, write out a plan for the day, sit quietly and visualize for a few minutes, take a walk, read a chapter in a book, talk to someone you trust, spend quality time with someone, show appreciation, exercise, come up with 10 ideas (new ones, every day), floss, review your day, do nighttime affirmations, say thanks again.

Did I mention every day?

This guy is either the most productive man alive or a lying liar who lies.

Instead of giving up, assuming impossibility, I figured I would dig deeper and give it one more scroll. And there was the kicker?an offer for his 20-page guide to getting the most out of your day. I guess reading that manual would be No. 23.

And so, I quietly shut off the screen. And made my bed.

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